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Where Should I Place Social Distancing Signage?

As many of us begin to return to work, the health and safety of employees and customers remains a top priority.

Electromark offers a wide variety of social distancing signage, but understanding how and where to use this signage can be confusing.  

Different businesses will require different social distancing practices. Below are example locations along with key products to use in those locations to help your business follow social distancing regulations.

Entrances & Exits

When possible, designate separate entrances and exits for buildings and rooms to help discourage crowding. Directional signage and physical distancing reminders can help with traffic flow.

Clearly communicate expectations for customers and employees, such as wearing face masks, social distancing and visitation limits. Depending on comfort levels and state/local regulations, these expectations may vary from business to business.

In some states, you may be required to participate in temperature screenings for both customers and employees. Be sure to mark these areas off with clear signage and proper barriers to avoid confusion and crowding.

Some people may feel anxious about visiting your business, given the current circumstances. Help restore visitors’ confidence by posting signage that shares the steps your company is taking to mitigate risks.

Common products for entrances/exits include:

  • Floor Tapes
  • Adhesive Floor Markers
  • Arrows
  • Wall Signs
  • Barricades

Lobby and Waiting Areas

Wherever people are prone to congregate, provide signs and labels reminding them of social distancing regulations. Products such as seat markers can help indicate spots available for use and others that should be avoided.

Waiting areas, especially ones that generally have lines of people, should be marked with floor signage to encourage proper spacing and direction of traffic flow.

Common products for lobbies and waiting areas include:

  • Wall Signs
  • Seat Markers
  • Adhesive Floor Markers

Communal Spaces

Support social distancing best practices between employees in areas like breakrooms, restrooms and cafeterias by providing best practice guidance and expectations.

Signage should be located in all high-traffic areas. Include hand-washing and sanitation signage in restrooms to help stop the spread of germs.

In places where lines form, (microwaves, vending machines, time clocks, etc.) should be marked with spacing reminders. Be sure to mark seating to indicate which should be left open and what tables are open for use.

Common products for employee spaces include:

  • Wall Signs
  • Seat Markers
  • Adhesive Floor Markers
  • Barricades
  • Floor Tape


Clearly define work areas to prevent crowding along the lines with floor tapes. Because there already is an abundance of signage in manufacturing areas, utilize signage that stands out in a location that will be noticed.

Common products for manufacturing areas include:

  • Wall Signs
  • Adhesive Floor Markers
  • Floor Tape
  • Custom Signs

Warehouse/Distribution Centers

Adjust workspaces to accommodate common employee traffic patterns. Look for bottlenecks that may prevent social distancing from being practiced and provide alternative routes when possible.

Look for ways to automate processes by conducting a workflow analysis, including drop off vs. immediate handling locations.

Common products for warehouse/distribution centers include:

  • Wall Signs
  • Adhesive Floor Markers
  • Floor Tape

The Electromark Difference

Electromark is committed to helping alleviate some of the burden brought onto your business due to COVID-19.

For many, this pandemic has changed the way we do business and how we will do it in the future. We’re here for all your signage and area marking needs.

To view our full catalog of COVID-19 offerings, visit our website.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to our application engineer to discuss different offerings and options.

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